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ARTX - Travel Case for AR.Drone
If you have a Parrot AR.Drone you've probably wondered many times why there is no travel case for it, as we all love to take our Drones on holiday and in the boot of our car to show friends, but we're always concerned about how to protect it and where to put all of the accessories. We found an amazing travel case for it.

Your ARTX case enables you to take your AR.Drone everywhere.

As soon as it came out, we had to have this extraordinary quadricopter.
After many trips, we realised that we quickly had to find a solution to transport and protect it.

We looked for a long time... among existing products and found nothing, except for traditional travel bags without protection, clever home-made solutions or expensive heavy suitcases, and above all, not dedicated to the transport of the AR. Drone.

Because like you, we are fans of the Parrot AR-drone, we've sourced a case adapted for its transportation
- a bag allowing you to easily transport the AR-Drone with its extra batteries and accessories
- a shock-proof travel case
- a discreet and very practical bag that you'll be able to take everywhere !

Are you off on a holiday ? You'd like to bring along your AR-Drone? You just need to take the ARTX case for your AR.Drone along with your normal luggage like any other suitcases.
Travel comfortably with your AR.Drone on your shoulder thanks to the ARTX travel bag, take your AR-Drone everywhere in the boot of your car or on the plane and even your scooter!

Complete protection of your AR.Drone.

Made of an EVA/Nylon material which gives it rigidity and lightness, the ARTX case has been tested in extreme conditions.

The inside is a moulded EVA/polyester material that fits the Parrot AR.Drone in a specific compartment, perfectly adapted for the hull and its propellers.

4 additional batteries can be stored in specifically dedicated places and replacement parts and accessories in 2 compartments planned to that effect.

The top matches the shape of the hull and harbors the batteries so that the pack be shock proof and compact.

Have peace of mind, the AR.Drone 'rests' comfortably and you won't hesitate taking it on two wheels, in the boot of your car, on public transport or more simply, on foot!

Not just a simple travel bag.

Spare batteries

You know how thirsty your AR.Drone is on energy !
4 specific compartments are planned for the spare batteries, the 5th being located in the AR.Drone
5 batteries : to ensure extended flying time

Accessories and single parts

Featuring 2 independent compartments that will allow you to put, regardless of your battery charger, your spare propellers, screws and other single parts.

AR. Drone

The inside matches the shape of the hull and harbours the batteries so that the pack be shock proof and compact.

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