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02 Autodrive Mini Car USB Flash Drives
03 Mighty Wallet
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18 Neo Cube

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PLEO rb is an autonomous robotic life form, modeled on a young Camarasaurus dinosaur. PLEO rb is designed to mimic life, which means PLEO rb thinks and acts independently, just like a real animal. PLEO rb's sophisticated sensory system has devices that enable him to hear, to see, to sense touch, and to detect objects. It is the newest member of your family!

Every PLEO rb is autonomous. Yes, each one begins life as a newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus, but that's where predictability ends and individuality begins. Like any creature, PLEO rb feels hunger and fatigue—offset by powerful urges to explore and be nurtured. It'll graze, nap and toddle about on it's own—when it feels like it! PLEO rb dinosaur can change it's mind and it's mood, just as you do...

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  • Every PLEO rb basic pack includes: Quick Start Guide, ID Card, Training Leaf, Mint leaf, Conifer leaf, Bow learning stone, Tug of War, Rock Salt, , One Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery, Charging cradle, and Li-Polymer Battery Power Adapter, Universal Voltage.
  • Not intended for children under the age of 12.
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Available Products
Product Price
PLEO rb Accessory - Battery Cradle R 249.00 Out of stock
PLEO rb Accessory - Feed Pack (Coffee Leaf & Bean/Mushroom/Chilli) R 199.00
PLEO rb Accessory - Feed Pack (Cycad Leaf/Sugar cane/Chunk of Ice) R 199.00
PLEO rb Accessory - Learning Stones (Eat/Dance/play) R 199.00
PLEO rb Accessory - Learning Stones (Sing/Count/Come to me) R 199.00
PLEO rb Accessory - Rechargeable Battery (2800 mAh) R 549.00
PLEO rb Accessory - Universal Power Adapter R 229.00
PLEO rb - Blue R 4999.00 Out of stock
PLEO rb - Green R 4999.00 Out of stock
PLEO rb - Pink R 4999.00 Out of stock

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