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Quirky - Kitchen Gadgets
Quirky is a new type of socially developed product company founded with the vision of making invention accessible. Quirky believes the best ideas in the world aren't actually in the world... they're locked inside people's heads. They exist to solve that problem.
                     REAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU


Quirky believes the best ideas in the world aren't actually in the world... they're locked inside people's heads. They exist to solve that problem. Quirky’s community members, inventors and product “influencers,” ultimately share its financial success with them. Headquartered in New York City, Quirky brings products to the marketplace through interaction between its active online global community and Quirky’s expert product design staff, bringing to life ideas from their earliest stages to store shelves.

Below is a selection of their "Kitchen Gadgets" that we have available.

STEM - Tap the Flavour

Spray it, don’t squeeze it! Stem is designed to allow a cook to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit. No longer do you have to cut and squeeze your fruit to get the juice out like a common cook. With only one finger you can now spray citrus juice on your favorite foods evenly. Let Stem add a little zest in your kitchen and on your food!


  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • Serrated teeth allowing for simple insertion into fruit
  • Sprays and distributes juice evenly
  • Small and easy to store


  • Polypropylene – Food safe plastic


  • 93.5mm (height), 24mm (diameter)

TETHER - Save Your Stemware

Washing your wine glasses can be risky business, especially when you’re using your dishwasher. Save your stemware with Tether, a flexible plastic rod that stabilizes your stemware as it goes through the cycle.

  • Comes in a pack of four.
  • Hollow base slides over dishwasher post.
  • End clasp clips onto wine glass stem.
  • Adjust the rod to fit the glass on either the top or bottom rack of your dishwasher.
  • Comes in purple.

VERSEUR - Full Bottle Service

Verseur is a wine lover’s multitool, combining everything you need to open, serve, and save your favorite wines. In addition to an easy-to-use corkscrew, Verseur also includes a foil cutter, a pour spout, and a tight-sealing stopper for keeping your opened bottle fresh.


  • Uses a single-motion corkscrew mechanism to slide out the cork without pulling or tugging
  • Built-in pour spout allows you to serve without dripping or making a mess
  • Integrated black rubber stopper for preserving leftovers
  • Foil cutter incorporated into handle

Body and twisting top constructed from stainless steel, with black rubber pourer and cap.

PLUCK - Sunny Side Out

From bodybuilders to soccer moms, egg whites are a great healthy breakfast choice. But separating the yolk from the whites can seem like pulling a rabbit from a hat. Enter Quirky’s Pluck, the yolk extractor you’ll have to see to believe. Simply place it over the yolk of an already cracked egg, squeeze the silicone chamber, and release to suck the egg yolk up into it. To dispose of its contents, just give Pluck another squeeze and move onto the next egg. When finished, separate the two pieces and wash by hand or in the dishwasher.


  • Flexible squeeze chamber
  • Clear yolk chamber
  • Two piece design for easy cleaning


  • Top flexible chamber: Textured Silicone
  • Bottom yolk chamber: Plastic


  • 54mm W x 100mm H

SLIDERS - Slide and Serve

Make your cookouts a knockout success. Sliders is a set of 4 double-prong skewers that keep food securely on while grilling. The sliders guide food off easily when you’re ready to eat. These are so simple to use that everyone can just focus on the cuisine and each other!


-Set of 4 skewers
-Double-prong keeps food secure, even while rotating on the grill
-Heat-resistant sliders guide food off and keep your hands clean
-Nonslip rubber gasket keeps sliders in place when not in use


-Stainless steel double-prong skewers
-Heat-resistant handles and sliders
-Nonslip rubber gaskets


-Each skewer is 14" long
-Handle is 1" diameter at widest point

PORTION - Measure & Mix

A set of nylon cooking spoons with lines for measuring smaller quantities.

When cooking, you use measuring spoons to dole out your ingredients, then a spoon to stir them all up. Why not simplify? Portion spoons allow you to measure, mix and serve with the same utensil, then hang from a hook, reducing kitchen drawer clutter.


  • Large nylon spoon with graduated lines that indicate a teaspoon, a tablespoon, and two tablespoons measurements.
  • Small nylon spoon with graduated lines that indicate a quarter teaspoon, a teaspoon, and two teaspoons measurements.
  • Made of food-safe nylon.


  • Large spoon: 13" long x 2.5" wide
  • Small spoon: 8.5" long x 1.75" wide

VINE - Keep Your Wine In Line

Put a cork to your bottles rolling around in the fridge with the simple-but-elegant Vine. When refrigerator or counter space is tight, you can store your favorite bottle horizontally by slipping Vine over its neck, creating a quick and easy anchor to keep the container in place. Even better, Vines are a breeze to stack and store when not in use. Let the good times roll—not your bottles!


  • Easily slides and secures onto bottle necks
  • Fits standard 750ml bottles and larger
  • 2 in a pack


Grill Wrangler is a 3-in-1 BBQ tool. With a simple slide-n-lock mechanism, Grill Wrangler transforms to tongs to spatula to grilling fork.


  • Tongs – wide mouth with smooth spring action for grabbing and gripping
  • Spatula – large stainless steel face with steam vents
  • Fork – easy-release button for sticking, turning and serving


  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic handle

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Quirky - Grill Wrangler R 419.00
Quirky - Pluck R 129.00 Out of stock
Quirky - Portion R 119.00
Quirky - Sliders R 379.00
Quirky - Stem R 89.00
Quirky - Tether R 169.00
Quirky - Verseur R 299.00
Quirky - Vine R 99.00

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