5 Coolest Gadgets for your Workplace

Are you looking for the best office gadgets? Innovative technology adds fun to your work day while also making it more convenient to perform a variety of tasks. From recording meetings to upgrading your presentations, there are plenty of advantages to investing in office tools. Read our blog to discover more about the top five must have office gadgets.

   1.C Pen C610R Text Reader

This awesome pen reads text to you, which makes life at the office easier. It’s perfect for you if English is your second language or if you struggle with reading difficulties. With its compact design and great features, it’s an office must-have. Highlights of this pen are its Collins 10th Edition Dictionary and voice recorder. It also allows you to scan and store text on your computer. You can own these office tools for the affordable price of R4499.


2.Livescribe Smartpen 3 Bluetooth

Make writing easy with this smartpen. Its innovative design delivers a premium writing quality effortlessly. You can experience the full capabilities of this device when you use it with your smartphone. It’s also compatible with tablets. Highlights of these office gadgets include Bluetooth connectivity as well as an infrared camera. It’s equipped with a lithium battery which is convenient to charge by connecting it to your computer with a USB cable. You can also use this smartpen to record audio. The price tag for this gadget is R 3649.


3.Kensington Presenter Green Laser

Take your presentations up a notch with this exceptional Kensington Expert Green Laser. Its cursor control mode and built-in memory make this laser stand out from the crowd. Not only does it have impressive features, its green light is ten times brighter than the more common red models. Note-worthy features of these must have office gadgets include backlit buttons as well as a low battery indicator. The 2GB of storage space makes it a convenient device to save your presentations on. Its wireless range extends up to 50 metres. This exciting Kensington laser is yours for R 1499.


4.Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Tablet

Get creative and design digital paintings with these cutting-edge office gadgets. With free downloadable software, it’s easy to unleash your inner artist. Not only can you have fun creating original artwork, you can also improve your design skills with the online training. The active area for this device is 21.6 by 13.5 cm and it weighs 480g. You can own the Intuos Art Pen for only R 4999.


5.Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder

There are so many reasons why this voice recorder makes the list of our top five must have office gadgets. Its clear audio quality and convenient recording settings make it a great buy. With its 360° meeting microphone it’s easy to record everyone in the room. You won’t miss any of the important details with the help of this state of the art gadget. Just place the device on the table and push the record button on the remote for a crisp recording. A highlight of these office tools are their 8GB built in memory. It also comes with 3.5 mm stereo headphones. The Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder is yours for R 4899.





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