FitBit Ionic vs FitBit Versa

Fitbit Ionic vs Fitbit Versa


Health consciousness has escalated in recent years with more people becoming increasingly active in partaking in physical activity as a lifestyle more than a chore-our high school gym teachers would be proud.The introduction of Samsung and Apple’s smart watches helped pioneer the world into a more interactive and smart way of breaking a sweat.This has brought about an insurgence of not 1 but 2 smartwatches from fitbit, the Fitbit Ionic and the Fitbit Versa. The aggressive launch of these products has resulted in customer option but also customer confusion. So you're pondering the question of “ which one should I get? “ Well look no further because below we take a look into the similarities and differences that give this power duo of twins  their own personalities

What makes them different?


FitBit Ionic

One would agree in conversation that the most noticeable and eye catching feature about these smartwatches is their look. While they are both pleasing to the eye and generally handsome in their own right, the FitBit Ionic exhibits a more masculine appeal with its rugged 384 x 250 pixel screen and sharp 1.42” inch jawline-esque edges and sleek metallic polish.Its built-in GPS function enables this watch to map out your runs via satellite and while the FitBit Versa can do the same, it requires a constant connection to your phone making your workout an overall lighter experience with the FitBit Ionic.Depending on usage of the watches, the Ionic seems to be the fitter of the two in terms of battery life.Users have reported an average battery life of 4-5 hours while its easily fatigued peer spans an average of 3-4 hours.

FitBit Versa


The FitBit Versa is the latest of the duo and although design ultimately comes down to preference,the FitBit Ionic’s sleek metallic design makes it harder to accessorize in any environment but the gym. Its younger peer expresses a more functional unisex appeal as it can put in work at the gym and socialise later at night with any occasion and outfit. In terms of dimensions,the FitBit Versa is easier on the wrist and its rounded-out 1.34” inch figure and 300x300 pixel screen makes its a more comfortable smartwatch to wear as compared to the FitBit Ionic.




As stated above, the most noticeable and similar feature about these smart watches are their athletic aesthetics with clean minimal designs.Externally both watches have 1 button on the left on 2 buttons on the right giving you access to your music, notifications, applications and settings.Their flexible designs allow users to accessorise with wristbands that are in the luxe, sporty and classic ranges to match your watches belt with your mood and style.Both smartwatches come equipped with water resistant LED High resolution colour display up to 50m depth  with user friendly functionality. The accelerometer is a built-in app within both watches that gives users the ability to track basic health data such as distance, heart rate and calories burned.Preloaded workouts come as stock in the watches with a default fitness coach giving various types of workout routines with subscription.Under the hoods of these trendy smartwatches lies 4GB of internal storage where 2.5GB is available for music allowing users to load up to 300 songs.Both watches also have access to the FitBit watch store with a wireless interface that includes bluetooth and NFC and Fitbit’s latest operating system FitBit OS 2.0 that includes a personalized dashboard and as of May will include a “female health tracking” app which allows women to track their menstrual cycles.



Overall , the specs of these two watches makes it hard to define a clear cut winner. While the Fitbit Ionic provides a better experience with its GPS capabilities,it is for that reason why it comes in at a steeper price of R4,999.00 as compared to the FitBit Versa which tags in at R2,899.00 essentially making it the “lite” version. After much deliberation,the score cards of these watches are pretty much even as they both have more similarities than differences. Ultimately at the end of the day the choice boils down to preference and price consideration so if you are more price conscious and looking to save a quick buck then the FitBit Versa is for you. Alternatively,if you're a health junkie looking for a more addictive and enthralling experience then you're better off with the FitBit Ionic.