Gadgets to Streamline your Workout

Are you looking for awesome workout gadgets? Then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got the gadgets to make you go! Use a fitness tracker to monitor your progress so that you can maximise your training and health. A phone armband is a convenient and secure option if you want to stay connected on your next run. With a wide range of fitness devices to choose from, it’s easy to get the most out of every work out. Health gadgets ensure that you take care of your well-being so that you can enjoy life and take every opportunity that comes your way.

1. Quad Lock Bike Mount 

Keep your phone safe while you’re on the go with a handy Quad Lock Bike Mount. This awesome device gives you peace of mind by keeping your phone secure when you’re facing challenging terrain. Mount your Quad Lock onto the frame of your bike for improved safety wherever the trail takes you. You can attach it the stem or the handlebars and it’s suitable for tubes which are between 25 to 40 mm in diameter. Not only do these phone mounts offer convenient protection for your phone
, they can also be used to secure other smart devices. You can use it with any of the Quad Lock Cases as well as with the Universal Adaptor. Priced at R499, this device is a valuable asset for any avid cyclist.

2. Fitbit Ionic Activity Tracker 

When it comes to workout gadgets, the Fitbit Ionic is a must-have for any fitness fundi. With its compact design and innovative features, this fitness tracker stands out from the crowd. Not only does this capable smartwatch boast cutting-edge tech features, it’s also comfortable to wear. The FitBit Ionic makes it easy to take your training up a notch. With storage space for music, you can listen to all your favourite songs during your workout. Using its built-in GPS, you can track and plan your route. It’s lightweight and waterproof design are other advantages of owning a FitBit. Another highlight of this device is its optical heart rate monitor. Its lithium-polymer battery has a charge time of two hours with a battery life of more than 4 days and a GPS battery life of up to 10 hours. Priced at R 5,499.00 The Fitbit Ionic is an essential fitness device.

3. Celly Smart Phone Armband 

The Celly Smart Phone Armband is soft and breathable, making it comfy to wear. It’s made from washable materials, which adds to the convenience of keeping this running armband clean. Using the Velcro closure, you can adjust the cell phone 
arm band so that it fits snuggly on your arm and stays in place when you’re on the go. Another advantage of its design is that the reflecting inserts make you more visible in the dark, which contributes to safety. This armband comes with a price tag of R299 and it’s suitable for smartphones up to 5”.

4. Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Sports Earphones 

Listen to all your favourite songs while you work out with help from these Jaybird earphones. They offer you superior audio quality, which makes them the perfect accessory for your fitness devices. They’re comfy and durable so it’s easy to liven up just about any work out. Their sleek black design offers you a 49 cm cord length. You can expect to be able to use your earphones for up to eight hours with a standby time that extends to 200 hours. Charging can be completed effortlessly via USB. The Jaybird X3 Earphones offer you Bluetooth connectivity and they can be paired with a maximum of 8 devices. These innovative earphones will cost you R2499 and they come with wireless buds, isolation foam ear tips and silicone ear tips.

5. NSD Power Spinner 

If you love health gadgets, then this one’s for you! Fitness fanatics can use the NSD Power Spinner to get in a quick training session during their lunch break. The best thing is that you won’t even have to leave your desk. You can use the gyro-ball to improve your tennis game or to take your golf swing to the next level. 
It’s innovative auto-start technology makes it easy to use on the go. Rolling back the inner track to build up force is all you need to do to get started. This gyro-ball is vibration free up to 15 000 rpm. It offers you a torque of up to 24.9 lbs-in at 10 000 RPM. The NSD Power Spinner will set you back R399, which is a small price to pay for the ability to fit in a work out anywhere, anytime.

Now that you know more about our fitness devices, check out the Gadget Shop’s products to maximise the impact of your next work out and to spice up your training schedule.