Author: Steven Howard

Gadgets to Streamline your Workout

Are you looking for awesome workout gadgets? Then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got the gadgets to make you go! With a wide range of fitness devices to choose from, it’s easy to get the most out of every work out. Health ...

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15 Nov 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? Then you have come to the right place! At the Gadget Shop we sell fun and quirky gifts that are perfect for the guys in your life. Skip the soap on a rope and socks this year by finding unique Christmas pr...

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11 Nov 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Tired of giving the same Christmas presents for women each year? At The Gadget Shop we have compiled a list of cool, quirky and awesome tech Christmast gifts for her that will make for your most memorable Christmas presents yet!...

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31 Oct 2017

Travel Gadgets

Are you going on holiday? At the Gadget Shop, we have a range of fun travel gadgets to choose from. These unique travel accessories will make your next trip better than ever before. Check out our list of ten must-have items this holiday season.&nb...

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27 Oct 2017

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

Every drone fanatic in South Africa is waiting in anticipation to fly the new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. The Gadget Shop gives a breakdown on the innovative technology behind this drone and reviews some of it's cool revamped features. ...

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26 Sep 2017

Fun and Quirky Desk Novelties

Looking for fun, creative and quirky items to add to your workspace? Great! At the Gadget Shop we love unique gadgets to make life easier and to put some fun into your routine.  Check out The Gadget Shop’s list of eight items that can p...

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5 Sep 2017

The Ultimate DJI Drone Buying Guide: How to choose a DJI Drone.

With so many manufacturers out there it’s hard to decide which one to pick. If you can’t make up your mind, we are here to help. Read our blog to discover more about some of the best drones out there. From the DJI Mavic to the Spark, t...

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What is iPhoneography?

Do you enjoy photography? You can create stunning images using your iPhone. As Iphone photography has advanced, there is a community of people across the globe sharing their experience through extraordinary images. With so many advantages to getti...

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What is Lifelogging?

Are you new to the world of lifelogging? The Gadget Shop has a look at what is lifelogging and what cool equipment can be used to life log like a pro...

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