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Fitbit vs Huawei: Which Fitness Tracker Is For You?

In this blog, we give you the low down on Fitbit and Huawei fitness trackers so you can choose which smart trackers best suits your lifestyle....

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17 Jan 2019

2019 Health And Fitness Trends

Same old crunch, just a different way! 2019 looks to be a year in which the industry of health and fitness personalises the workout experience. We've highlighted 12 trends to watch out for this year in the world jumping jacks and planks....

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New Innovations in medicine

We take a look at new innovations in medicine that are pushing the boundaries of the industry in order to deliver efficient and cost-saving treatments to patients....

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FitBit Ionic vs FitBit Versa

So many smartwatches so little time. Looking to accessorise your workouts but you're spoilt for choice ? We've broken down the specs of FitBit's Ionic and Versa watches to give you the best insights into which watch is the best companion for your ...

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Gadgets to Streamline your Workout

Are you looking for awesome workout gadgets? Then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got the gadgets to make you go! With a wide range of fitness devices to choose from, it’s easy to get the most out of every work out. Health ...

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Top 10 Headphone Selection

Take a look at our Top 10 selection for 2018, for some of us music plays an enormous role in our daily fitness routine. The music that you listen to, will set your pace and also influence your mindset toward the workout. Therefore you will underst...

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3 Jan 2018

Gadgets to get you fit in 2018 - Fitness Trackers

If you have always wanted to get fit and healthy in the New Year then get ready to get active! The Gadget Shop has compiled our top picks of activity trackers for 2018 to help you reach those goals in no time. Check out these gadgets that will hel...

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Fitbit Ionic Review

The Gadget Shop has a look at the latest of Fitbit's releases - The Fitbit Ionic. This activity tracker has been long anticipated and is the very first smart watch released by Fitbit. Here is what you can expect from this fitness tracker. ...

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