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Shopping Tips For Black Friday 2019

Looking for some shopping tips for Black Friday 2019? We have compiled a comprehensive list of tips to keep in mind this coming Black Friday, 29 November 2019. So whether you are a seasoned shopper or a newbie to Black Friday our list is sure to h...

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25 Useful Things Dad Can Ask Google Home This Father’s Day

In this blog, we list 25 useful questions your dad can ask his very own Google Home Hub/Mini. ...

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20 May 2019

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Father's Day has arrived! With so many options and too little time, we've narrowed down your choices to only our best products that will make your dad feel the love....

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10 May 2019

Meet Generation Z

In this blog, we take a look at the generation after the millennials known as Generation Z. ...

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9 Safety Travelling Tips For The Easter Holidays

Easter is one of the busiest holidays on the road in South Africa. Check out our 9 safety tips to help make your journey a smoother one. ...

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10 Apr 2019

7 Travel Gadgets For Easter Holidays

Easter is on the way which means travel plans all around. If you plan on hitting the road, make sure you've packed at least one of these gadgets to get the most out of your Easter adventures....

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Huawei Unveils Fashionable Smart Eyewear

Huawei has announced their collaboration with Fashion House Gentle Monster to bring about a new fashionable smart glass. We take a look at the latest gadget that could catalyse a new wave AR inspired eyewear.  ...

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Billionaires Space Race: Who’s Mars is it anyways?

The space race is heating up! We've taken a look at some billionaires leading the charge in planetary exploration....

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25 Feb 2019

8 Movies that predicted 2019 technology.

In this blog, we take a look at some classic sci-fi movies that predicted the use of technology we have to today. ...

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1 Feb 2019

13 Cute And Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas

We've highlighted 13 cute and affordable dinner dates to choose from to give your date this Valentines Day a special cupid twist. Gone are the days of conventional movie dates and dinner for two. ...

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