DJI Osmo Action Camera Review

Renowned for designing high-end camera drones and gimbals, DJI has managed to pull yet another proverbial rabbit out of the hat with their latest Osmo Action Camera. Introduced into the market as an adversary to the GoPro Hero 7, the Osmo Action comes in at a slimmer price with similar premium features. In this blog, we take a look as to why this action camera is a noteworthy alternative to the GoPro series.  



The first thing you’ll notice about the Osmo Action is just how well built it is. Its compact body features a polished metal frame with rubberised sides for grip and added impact protection. In terms of design, the Osmo Action is somewhat a doppelganger to the GoPro 7. However, one major difference is the inclusion of a front facing 1.4 inch LCD display which does wonders for selfies. 


Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a water-sealed flap on its side that houses a USB-C port and a microSD card slot. You will also find the battery component that holds the 1300 mAh battery on the bottom with a 2.4 inch LCD display around the back.


Its user interface and the dual-screen setup make it super simple. Swipe left-to-right in the main viewfinder and you'll get to the gallery. Swipe right-to-left and you'll enter some basic control settings for whichever shooting mode you happen to be in. Swipe bottom-to-top and you can adjust the resolution and frame-rate of the video. Lastly, swipe top-to-bottom to reveal a settings panel.

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What really gives the Osmo Action a more pleasing aesthetic in my view than the GoPro 7 is its circular lens. The attractive lens comes standard with a rigid metal ring that is unscrewable and replaceable in the event damage occurs. DJI was also thoughtful enough to include an adhesive mount that can be adjusted onto a car, helmet or any other appropriate surface. 


At the top of the action camera are power and record buttons. The Action has just three buttons, Power, QS, and Record. On the left is the quick switch button, so you can swiftly swap between shooting modes. Although it only comes in at 124 grams with dimensions of 65×42×35 mm, the Osmo Action is as durable as they come. Being waterproof up to 11 metres, it can also handle temperatures as low as -10 degrees celsius. 

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In terms of performance, the Osmo Action shows that it was designed by DJI in every way imaginable. It captures 12-megapixels in RAW and JPG, records 4K video at up to 60 frames per second, and offers video effects like 8X slow motion with outstanding electronic stabilization in full colour display.


Expect to have access to "RockSteady Mode", a function DJI included that give the action camera sublime stabilization functionality. This mode essentially combines electronic image stabilisation with complex algorithms to provide absolutely amazing smoothness throughout your video recording. This feature will come in handy if activities such as white water rafting and mountain biking are on your December agenda. 

Another nice touch is the HDR video mode, which applies a slight HDR effect to open up shadows and give scenes a slightly more vivid look. It also features LogMode which allows you to shoot vlogs in a manner that professional videographers would. Another great feature that DJI included is the WInd Noise Reduction feature which effectively reduces wind noise from being effective in your recorded videos – making yourself or your recorded footage sound clear enough when playing them back.


The Osmo Action also boasts an efficient cooling system that DJI incorporated to reduce heat so that you can record for longer periods of time. Another standout feature is the timelapse function which allows you to capture more cinematic footage. Because the Osmo Action also has WiFi connectivity, you’ll be able to transfer your files between the device and the Mimo app seamlessly. 

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The Osmo Action Camera is stocked with artificial intelligence that allows you to give commands via voice. Instead of pressing a whole lot of buttons, you can comfortably hold your DJI Osmo Action Camera and command it on specific commands however to either start recording, stop recording, To take a photo, you can also command it to switch screens which could then be used to capture selfies or even to record yourself while vlogging, and also being perfect for live streaming. One you’ve finished capturing your photos and footage, you can command the Osmo to shut down. 




When it comes to the drawbacks of the DJI Osmo Action Camera, there aren’t too many to point out. I do however feel as though the lack of social sharing capability is the biggest one for me. It especially comes as a surprise seeming as their line of drones can share footage to all social media platforms with ease.

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The DJI Osmo Action Camera is a versatile action camera that has a user-friendly interface that can rival the GoPro Hero at a more affordable price. Its dynamic footage capturing functionality with stabilization and immaculate picture quality make this action camera the go-to for any budding vloggers or professional videographers looking to capture more adventurous shots.


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