Huawei Unveils Fashionable Smart Eyewear

While known around the globe as a juggernaut in the space of telecommunications, recently, Huawei has made strides to position themselves in the consumer industry releasing laptops, phones and tablets. Just last week in Paris at the unveiling of their new smartphone, the Huawei P30 Pro, the company announced their latest line of smart eyewear.


The glasses are the offspring of a collaboration between Huawei and Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster. Now while other companies such as Google and ODG have released more specification orientated glasses, Gentle Monster CEO Hankook Kim said that these smart glasses focused more on consumer appeal than specification.


The eyewear range is expected to sport different models to cater to audience fashion tastes and will mostly be hinged on audible integrated electronics. This means that unlike most smart glasses in the market that resemble facial computers, these do not feature any visible buttons and gizmos.


Their main features will include dual microphones and speakers in the temple regions with built-in voice assistant. Tapping the temple of the glasses will enable a user to answer calls and listen to music via its integrated Bluetooth chipset.


The slim-profiled glasses are  IP67 dust and water-resistant and include a case that doubles as the wireless charging hub for the 2200 mAh battery. These trendy shades are expected to arrive in South Africa around July.