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The world is constantly evolving and finding new ways to innovate traditional offerings into chic blends of cultural trends. Thus far, we have been successful in our quests to create successful portmanteaus that resonate with the general public. I mean the combination of breakfast and lunch gave us the highly popular brunch after all. One such twist to the conventional has been the marriage of glamorous and camping. Known around the globe as glamping, this trendy lifestyle niche brings forth an eclectic offering of all things opulent and scenic. 

Now you can immerse yourself in the blissful seclusion that mother nature has to offer all while enjoying the amenities that resorts, hotels and chalets have to offer. A sort of Luxurious escapism if you will. I mean what could be better than having the ability to lay your head on a feathered pillow whilst overlooking the panoramic views of the mountainside. With all that our beautiful continent has to offer with her lush countrysides and inspiring ecosystems, now anybody has the opportunity to not only witness the nature but be a part of it. So if like me you’re just about ready to experience the world of glamping, then you’ll want to read our pro tips that will ensure you make the most out of your trip. 

1.Trip checklist

Remember that one time when you went on a hike with friends and forgot to pack your sunblock? Or that moment you realised in 5th grade that you forgot to pack your permission slip to the museum? There’s a reason why they say failing to prepare is planning to fail. Probably the most important tip on the face of the planet earth. No matter where you’re going on holiday, it’s absolutely crucial that you break down a comprehensive list of the things you need for your trip. Make sure that your list consists of the 3 categories: ‘pre-trip’ for things such as clothes, tools, documents and bookings, ‘en-route’ for road trip snacks, gas and toll-road money and ‘miscellaneous’ for things you otherwise might need or might want to pack. 

2.Know your Location

You know what they say is even worse than being lost–being a lost tourist. Location, location, location! It’s important that you read up on the area that you’re visiting. Make sure that before your trip that you read up on things such as the daily weather forecast during your stay, types of diseases or infections prone to that area, the tourist laws applicable to that area, areas of high danger, nearby hospitals and police services etc.

3. 80/20 clothing ratio

The highly effective 80/20 rule has proven itself to expand its application beyond the fields of commerce and mathematics. Because you’ll be in the great outdoors for the majority of your trip, you have to pack to suit the environment. As a rule of thumb, if you’re going to pack 10 items of clothing, make sure that 80 per cent of them consist of loose fitting comfortable clothes that can afford to get dirty. The 20 per cent can consist of items of clothing that you just might enjoy wearing personally and clothing from the opposite season. So if you’re going glamping in summer, make sure that you pack one outfit for winter conditions. 

4. Simplicity is key

If the glamping site you’re visiting is self-catering, don't waste time preparing Christmas dinners. Keep it light and simple. A good meal template would be roasted mealies with any meat cut of your choice. For dessert, spoil yourselves with roasted banana and chocolate smores. The key to glamping nutrition is snacking throughout the day. This will limit the number of dishes created, food wasted and unwanted visitors near your site.

5. Board Games 

It’s all fun and games till someone packs monopoly. Stay away from the electronics and the noise of it all. There's nothing like a good board game to get closer because some things just can’t be replaced by technology. 

6. In case of emergency

Even though you're going glamping, pack some items like a survivalist. Bandages and gauzes, aspirins, mosquito repellents, torch, power bank, duct tape( because you never know when you need duct tape). We highly recommend our range of Power Traveller Power Banks but you can also have a look at our other brands of power banks, torches and utility tools.

7. Plan your excursions

Now while they may be days where you feel like just kicking back and closing your eyes, it’s always nice to have an outline of your days activities. Whether you’re an early bird watching the sunrise or late riser, plan your day accordingly with activities you’ve never done before. Most glamping spots will have tourist attractions and activities such as abseiling, horse riding, quad biking, trail biking, water rafting and so on. If you’re going through a travel agent, ensure that you ask them about the activities around the area and if you’re not, ask the locals to that area or glamp facilitators. 

8. 'Me-time' essentials

Taking a break from the city life means that you have time to recharge and take-5 with yourself. It's important that you use this time to get lost in nature and unwind. Open a page from your favourite novels, find inspiration for your next business idea, immerse yourself in the soundtrack of rustling firewood and humming crickets. Whatever it is, don’t sell yourself short and not take advantage of the space and time you have.

So we hope that wherever you decide to glamp, that these tips serve you well. With countless destinations around the globe and countless price options, glamping makes for an ideal holiday alternative that can accommodate even the most urbanised of us. A real treat for the whole family, we wish you safe travels and utmost fulfilment! 

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