Top 5 Glamping Getaway Gadgets

Top 5 Glamping Getaway Gadgets 

So it’s that time of the year again when the office hours wind down and the leisure time goes up. With that in mind, you’ve decided that a glamping getaway is the perfect holiday solution to end off what has been a hectic year, to say the least. And after countless days of deliberation and data spending, you’ve finally got the ideal South African destination and now it’s time to get packing.

But unlike most holiday destinations that afford you the luxury of purchasing items you’ve forgotten, glamping is a whole different story. With one foot outside the proverbial ‘ urban door’ and the other anchored behind it, it can be easy to forget that glamping trips, for the most part, entail being immersed in nature. And although the ‘g’ in glamping might stand for glamorous, the ‘g’ in great outdoors stands for gritty-and there’s a reason for that. When you’re planning to be one with the elements, you can’t afford to forget essential equipment as mother nature's charm lies in her unpredictability. 

So you’ve packed your clothes, toiletries, snacks for the road and pretty much everything else in between. But have you double checked that you have some of these necessities and must-haves to make your glamping experience in South Africa an unforgettable one?

1. Power bank

If I had 50c for everytime my phone, tablet or any other handheld battery gave up on me prematurely, I wouldn’t be a millionaire but I’d be able to buy a Neil Diamond ticket. Now while I’ll be the first to admit that bringing electronics along to any form of camping trip lames the experience of it all, it’s the practical thing to do. 

When you’re out there in the bushes soaking in the expansive mountain ranges and nestled sceneries, it’s always a priceless feeling knowing that you have a plan B in case things don’t go according to plan. With today’s technology in power banks, you can rest assured knowing that your devices will receive optimal charging. Advancements have led to the adoption of solar technology in the power banks so that the power bank itself never suffers from depleted stores.

One such power bank is Powertraveller’s Solar Gorilla Power Bank. By far the apex power bank in the food chain, the Solar Gorilla utilises photovoltaic solar panels which generate electric current when exposed to direct sunlight. The panels of the power bank are also water resistant and include a green LED indicator that shows the strength of the charge. This portable power station can charge phones, handheld cameras/ action cameras, satellite navigation systems, iPods, torches, tablets, satellite phones, smart watches and much more. It also includes a velcro strap with a protective storage so you can carry it along on excursions.

Here are other power banks that offer high-grade functionality:

Goal Zero G10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit
Powertraveller Extreme Solar Charger

2.Flashlight/ headlamp/lamp

Remember that time when you came home from work looking forward to watching TV only to be hit by load shedding? Those few hours in the dark making due with backup candles and torches just so the kids can do homework?

As South Africans, we are pretty accustomed to living in the dark and because of this, we know how difficult it can be to function without any light. One can easily put in a case for light sources being just as important as food or shelter when in nature. If you’re going to a glamping destination that requires you to be more intact with your natural surroundings than other luxurious spots, then you’ll want to pack some form of light emitting gadget. 

The Ultratec MS5131 Emergency & Camping LED Combo comes with two lanterns that each feature 50 hours of runtime as lanterns and 100 hours as flashlights. Individually, they come with 120 lumens and have 4 LEDs for the flashlights, 24 for the lanterns and have a total useful life 10,000 hours each. 

Here are other alternatives worth mention:

Totobay 3 LED Headlamp
Nebo Slyde Flashlight

3. GPS Navigation System/Tracker

Nobody ever goes on a trip with hopes of getting lost but it happens. When you’re out there in the wilderness, you don’t have access to street names or route signs. And while glamping does encompass an element of urban safety, misplacing yourself while hiking or trail biking is always a possibility. 

With a GPS system in your bag, you’ll be transmitting real-time signals of your location via satellites. So unlike phones, that require triangulation to be located, your whereabouts can always be traced accurately.  

The Spot GEN3 Satellite GPS Tracker/Messenger is the perfect companion for any outdoor excursion as it comes complete with satellite coverage in all 7 continents and is the size of a hockey puck. A great size to fit snugly into any bag. Its functions include an emergency beacon tracker, preset emergency message system so you can send distress messages to loved ones, and rescue parties as well onboard motion sensor that saves battery life. So if your adventurous spirit draws you into uncharted terrain and territories, you can easily find your way back home and let your glamping crew know exactly where you’ve ventured off to.

Here is another great GPS system to have a look at:


4.Bluetooth Speaker

If this item doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb from this list then I don't know what will. Bluetooth speakers have become attached to a partying stigma but believe it or not, they are becoming popular glamping staples. Now you can imagine the sharp contrasts that exist when thinking about how a Bluetooth speaker and nature could ever come together. But contrary to popular belief, they just work.

I mean what could be better than watching the clouds walk by while listening to the soothing sounds of your favourite artists. But with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best option, especially for a glamping getaway. That’s why we recommend the Aukey SK-M13 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker that combines ruggedness with aesthetic appeal.

What’s marvellous about this speaker is the fact that it’s palm-sized making it extremely portable. It also features wireless connectivity from up to 10 meters away with a play time of 6 hours. And because it weighs 230 grams, you can pack it in your hiking bag or latch it onto your bag without feeling a difference. 

Other great Bluetooth speakers to consider:

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 3.0 Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
Aukey SK-M8 Rugged Bluetooth Speaker (Green/Grey)
Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5.Utility tool 

A utility tool pretty much needs no introduction. If it can twist, bend, fold, grip, break, mend, cut, insert and pretty any hand action known to man, its got my vote. Knowing that you’ve got such a tool when you’re out in nature means that you’re prepared for any situation. Whether it's as simple as opening up a can of beans or as intricate as carving out a wooden trinket, a utility tool is the companion you need for such trips.

Including a needlenose plier, regular plier, 420HC knife, tweezer, bottle opener, screwdriver just to name a few, is the Leatherman leap multitool. Specifically designed to be child safe, this multi-tool has safety locks which prevent the tools from protruding while in use around children. The Leap also comes with a user-installed knife blade that can be added or removed. 

Similar alternative multitools: 

True Utility MicroTool
Wallet Ninja 18 Tools In 1 (Black)

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