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For over 20 years, JAM Wireless Audio has been offering expert quality audio products to consumers. Known as the makers of the number one selling Bluetooth Speaker in America, JAM is a proud expert in high-tech everyday products.

JAM Wireless Audio wants to help you enjoy your music anywhere and at the highest quality. Not only does JAM make a sound commitment to connecting you with your music, they also focus on the most outstanding customer service delivery, so that even the process of buying JAM Wireless Audio will leave you smiling.

With continued research and development in the industry, JAM innovates new products and electronics to bring you closer to the audio experience you want. JAM knows each individual is different, and we want to help you experience the joy of expressing yourself through music. This means that JAM products come in a rainbow of colours and an array of shapes to suite your individual style and tastes.

Each JAM product is created carefully and intentionally to be the best in its category, using the highest quality components. JAM products are backed by warranty and built on a philosophy aimed at giving customers the best.

Get JAM earphones without the wires and get the vibe you love on the go without the tangling mess and frustration. Or how about the JAM Touch Bluetooth Speaker, a pod of powerful pocket-size sound you can take anywhere. A party in your pocket. Create your own sound oasis with JAM Bluetooth Speakers at The Gadget Shop.


Jam Wireless Audio


JAM continues to offer an extensive assortment of sound products that are created to help you enjoy your music and style. We take our commitment to bring the high-technologies in the everyday products very seriously so you can experience the joy of expressing yourself through music.


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