Marshall Bluetooth Speakers for sale in South Africa


Marshall as a company is connected to music and everything about it unlike any other.

“We love everything about music. The scene. The people. The lifestyle. We live for it.”

James Charles Marshall opened the first Marshall store in July 1972. As a child, Jim suffered from Tuberculosis of the bones, but in the 1940s he began playing drums professionally and performing regularly. Music was in his blood, and this heritage is what Marshall Bluetooth Speakers pride themselves on. Marshall products are about more than just producing a noise, they’re about the music, the scene, the passion. They’re about living the music.

At every step along this journey, Marshall has been at the forefront of the sound industry, and in particular musicians and their art, bringing solutions and innovations to improve the quality of performances and enjoyment for customers. Today you’ll find even Bluetooth Speakers in Marshall’s range of amplification products, and their passion for a sweet sound hasn’t left one product in the dust. Each Marshall Bluetooth Speaker will give you the best possible quality, fine-tuned to the sound of perfection.

When you get Marshall, you know you’re getting the best. Find Marshall Bluetooth Speakers at The Gadget Shop.


In 1969, the Marshall Amplifier dubbed the “Plexi” changed the music scene forever, an amplifier favoured by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and many more, but bands craved more volume, leading Jim Marshall and his engineers to innovate stronger amplifiers, including the first 100 Watt Marshall Speaker.

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