Phonesoap 2 Phone Charger And Sanitizer (Black)

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Doubling as a phone sanitiser and phone charger, the Phonesoap 2.0 utilises two UV-C lamps that produce an extremely specific wavelength of light that penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and viruses to impair their DNA. Unlike antibiotics and chemicals that bacteria develop immunity to, UV light completely restructures their DNA leaving you happy and clean!

What’s more impressive about the Phonesoap 2.0 is that if a belonging can fit into it, it can be cleaned! From baby pacifiers, credit cards, jewellery and watches to keys, your belongings will be 99.9% germ free. All you have to do is wait for its blue indicator LED to indicate that cleaning is done! And because it only takes 10 minutes for a complete germ wipe, you’ll be saving on countless hours of bedrest.

While your phone is receiving premium sanitization, you can simultaneously charge your phone by inserting your lightning cable through its port. The Phonesoap 2.0 kills 99.9% germs and is 100% safe using no heat, liquid or chemicals, just light!


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Product Description

Inner Dimensions (Sanitizing Space): 
Millimeters: 173 L X 95 W X 20 H 
Please check your phone dimensions to confirm it fits inside.

Outer Dimensions:
Millimeter: 216 L x 127 W X 44.8 H 

The sanitizing space was designed to fit even the largest phones. Measure your phone (with or without a case) to ensure it will fit inside. While PhoneSoap 2.0 was designed specifically for cell phones, whatever fits inside will be safely sanitized. If it fits, it sanitizes! Sanitizing takes about 10 minutes and a blue indicator turns on while your phone is being cleaned, and shuts off when the process is done. 

Universal Charger:
PhoneSoap 2.0 has a standard 5V USB port accessible on the back of the device next to the unit’s power port. You will use the cable provided with your phone to charge. Plug this cord into the back of the device and pass it through the port on the bottom of the device into the sanitizing space. Once inside, plug it into your device to engage charging. The PhoneSoap 2.0 unit must be plugged into the wall for the sanitizing and charging to work. Any device that charges through USB can be safely charged and sanitized inside. 

UV Lights:
2 x 254nm UV-C Lamps 

Included with Purchase:
PhoneSoap 2.0, Power plug with USB to Micro USB cord to power the device.

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