Basic Drone Laws

Hobby Drone Pilots:

Private operations means the use of and RPA for the individuals personal and private purposes where there is no commercial interested, outcome or gain Private drone operation does not require any of the licenses, but the regulations do still apply.

• Do not need an RPL (Remote Pilots Licence).

• Do not need to register their RPAS aircraft.

• Can fly RPAS up to 7kg weight.

• Can fly at night in R-VLOS only.

• Can fly up to the height of the highest object in 300m of the drone (or up to a max of 400 feet, whichever is the lower of the two).

• Can fly up to 500m away from the pilot, while maintaining direct line of sight (RVLOS).

• Need to keep more than 50m from people.

• Need to keep more than 50m from roads.

• Need to keep more than 50m from buildings.

• Need to keep more than 10km from a registered aerodrome.

• May not fly in controlled airspace at all (not even with permission from ATC).

• May not fly in No Fly Zones.