“What did the traffic light say to the other traffic light? Don't look, I'm about to change!”

He might not give you piggy back rides anymore but some things will never change with this man. He is one part unconditional love and two parts embarrassing but one thing is for certain and that is he will go to the ends of the earth for you.So here's to the dads that picked us up when we were down, to the dads that stood by us through our most disastrous moments and greatest triumphs,we salute you!Celebrate your cherished memories and savoured moments with all that is dad this father's day and pay it forward with a great gift of your own from our wide range of father's day presents! Explore our eclectic offerings for your father and turn our gifts for him into your gifts for dad.

Camper Dad

Nature calls this fathers day with its fully equipped entertainment system of roast fires, chirping grasshoppers and twinkling stars. Spoil the inner adventurer within your father and awaken his senses with these gifts for guys and venture off into the great outdoors together.


The Sporty Dad

Whether its home, office or leisure,your dad has always got his game face on because he knows that the golden formula to his A-game is always being prepared.If that's the case,explore our range of father's day gifts that are“ fit “ enough to keep your dad on his toes and always a cut above the rest.


Brainy Dad

There's nothing like a newspaper and a quick sudoku puzzle to get this dad going. If your dad is more brain than brawn and his wits are sharper than a sword then you'll like these fathers day gifts to keep your Einstein stimulated.



If you want something done right, do it yourself! Is your dad  a man's man who enjoys the simple things in life and is not afraid to get his hands dirty? If so, you're at the right place.This fathers day, take it back to basics with your dad and rub some dirt in it with our range of tools and hardware.

Tech Dad

It's the year 2118 and it shares one thing in common with your dad and that is they are both 100 years ahead of their time. If your father exhibits symptoms of technophilia with keen interests in the latest and most innovative cutting edge products on the market then these cool fathers day gifts will leave him salivating by the mouth.

Star Wars Dad

The force is strong with this one! There is much pressure on you young apprentice to get your father the perfect gift but remember young grasshopper, “ fear is the path to the dark side.”  This Fathers day, stay away from your fathers dark side with these fathers day gift ideas and may be the force be with you.



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