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If you love Drones, then you have come to the right place! Whether you are starting out or have been flying drones for years – there is a drone to suit everyone's level of expertise.  Find Amazing Drones for Sale in South Africa here at The Gadget Shop

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Drones are a brilliant way to spend hours outdoors and are a great way to enjoy family fun together with drones in South Africa becoming a popular hobby in recent year. With every hobby comes the need for accessories and spares – for all your Drone needs you can find everything from batteries to propellers under one roof at The Gadget Shop.At The Gadget Shop you will soon find that you are spoilt for choice – and don’t be surprised if you invest in a couple of extra Drones to add to your already burgeoning collection.

The big question about Drones in South Africa posed is – is it a toy or is it a Drone?
There is a distinction between a toy and a Drone:Perhaps the most obvious difference between a radio-controlled aircraft used for recreation purposes and a Drone is that if the aircraft is being used for the sole purpose of recreational or sporting purposes then it falls under the Recreation Aviation Administration South Africa – RAASA.On the other hand aircraft used for commercial and professional or aerial work will be classified as a drone and would be regulated by SACCA.


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