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Find Superior Wearable in South Africa

Wearable imagery is not smart – it’s genius! So you think your smartphone is cool? Well you haven’t seen anything yet. Technology has become so nifty, continuously making great strides; and the only thing that you won’t be able to achieve with your wearable tech toy is getting it to make you a cup of coffee.

Try the Pivothead Durango in Glossy Black, Bronze or Matte Black. This is a range of exciting innovative, Video Recording Sunglasses.

You will now be able to record, hands-free, everything and anything exactly where your eyes can see.

Featuring 1080/30p video recording and capturing up to 8-megapixels with bursts and time lapse modes also on offer.

As we age, many of us require glasses for reading. Small print and poor light is our number one challenge when it comes to deciphering the fine print on menus, newspapers and books.

Don’t get left in the dark and don’t let the fine print get you down – instead invest in a pair of futuristic Lightspecs LED Reading Glasses which will magnify and light the way for more clarity.

These Lightspecs LED Reading Glasses have concealed LED technology – plus they will add a bit of pizzazz to any outfit as they sport a super-cool design.

Wearable imagery  - a brilliant new innovation.