Buy Superior Paintball & Gas Gun Ammo in South Africa

Superior Paintball & Gas Gun Ammo in South Africa

What’s a gun without the ammo? Paintball & Gas Gun Ammo go the extra mile to complete the fun. The most important thing is, though – you need to choose the right ammo for your Paintball gun.

Duke Pepperball Rounds: 

Choose Duke Pepperball Rounds which is probably the most powerful ammo on the market. The combination of mobile impact combined with motile impact, emotional shock as well as the physical incapacitation will soon have you gaining the upper hand – your opponents won’t know what hit them!

The pepperball is safe and filled with a capsicum preparation. 

Duke Powder Practice Rounds: 

  • You get 50 practice rounds of ammunition. 
  • Duke Powder Practice Rounds – these are yellow non-permanent splats which are water soluble and really quite simple to wipe away. 
  • The practice rounds perform brilliantly when using these for security training as they are soft. 

Duke High Impact Rounds: 

Perfect for controlling riots and for crowd control – these high impact rounds consist of solid projectiles. 

The rounds are ideal as they are not lethal – a brilliant alternative to metal missiles. 

This ammo is the ultimate in excellence for short-range practice. 

Bear in mind at all times that the secret is not in only in the mechanism or weapon but also in the ammo – get your Paint Ball & Gas Ammo now for 100% accuracy and complete the shooting gadget fun.

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