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Buy New-Age Blowgun & Darts in South Africa

Blowguns & darts are some of the most ancient weapons used by Native Americans, primarily by the Cherokee and other Native Indian tribes.

How a blowgun works:

Blowguns are also referred to as blow pipes and blow tubes; these are simple weapons that consist of hollow tubes usually constructed from reeds or cane for shooting light projectiles such as darts or arrows – projectiles that are propelled by the mouth.

Blowguns and darts were not only used by ancient civilisations, though – in present times the natives of the rainforests use poisonous frogs to supply them with poison which they use in their hunting methods, placing them in the tips of darts that are shot through blow pipes.

Choose these modern-day blowguns & darts to test your shooting skills:

Select the Terminator 36” Blowgun in mixed colours which is great for target shooting. This Blowgun Kit comes fully equipped with darts and other great accessories and is quite is capable of shooting darts at great distances!

For the perfect dart for your blowgun choose 36 Pack 40 Calibre Target Darts which are sharpened wire darts sporting 40 calibre endcaps.

The thin-wired blowgun darts are able to soar through the air on a perfectly straight path – when aiming at specific targets, you will be pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the darts are. Share hours of unadulterated fun with your blowgun and sharp-tipped wire darts – a far cry from conventional darts and dartboards!

The world’s your oyster when choosing from our range of Blowguns & Darts.

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