Buy Paintball Guns & Pistols in South Africa

Buy The Coolest Paintball Guns & Pistols in South Africa

It is time to get into the game with the wide selection of Paintball Guns & Pistols that we have for sale; a good choice would possibly be the powerful Tippmann LE-P7 Pistol, which is a blow-forward, semi-automatic paintball shooter complete with 2 x 7-Ball Mags and plastic carrying case. A perfect example of the superior shooting gadgets from The Gadget Shop

This weapon proudly boasts a target accuracy of up to 18m. 

About paintball:

Paintball is a take on the game of tag where players either “mark” or “tag” their opponent by shooting a paint-filled gelatine capsule by using a paintball gun.

The sport is fun and requires a considerable amount of skill, plus it has countless variations and is a favourite game played throughout the world.

A paintball gun is a device that propels a paintball. The gun is shaped similarly to a classic gun and is attached to a source of compressed gas and activated by firing a trigger. Instead of the gun shooting traditional bullets, it fires paintballs with the help of compressed air.

Furthermore, a paintball consists of a number of elementary operational parts that work together to drive the gun, and to enjoy the sport to its fullest there are a couple of accessories required.

The body of the gun houses the interior apparatus that loads a paintball into a firing chamber and activates the firing mechanism.

Choose from the full menu of Paintball Guns & Pistols which promises hours of entertainment.

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