Get ready to spring into action and get your health going into the green with The Gadget Shop’s range of Health Items and Fitness Trackers for sale in South AfricaWhether you are looking for wearable fitness trackers, smart cycling training items or sanitisers our Health and Fitness Category has all your health related gadgets right here.


Wearable Fitness Tech Gadgets such as Fitness Trackers help us achieve fitness and movement goals. Activity Trackers come in many shapes and sizes. Smartwatches, fitness bands, virtual reality headsets, pedometers, and they change the way we exercise and communicate.

Some fitness trackers are bracelets, some watches, and some clip-ons. The bracelets and watches are not easy to lose, but the clip-ons are more versatile and can be worn on places other than the wrist—a nifty extra for dish-washing moms and key-smashing gamers. They’re also more discreet, though you might enjoy the sleek elegance of a smartwatch if you’re bold.

Wearable fitness trackers do many great things for us, like tracking our heart rate and counting our steps. More expensive wearable fitness tech gadgets even track your sleep cycle to help you maximise on the optimal resting time, and some include GPS so you don’t have to hold your phone to get accurate pacing, distance, and mapping.

Wearable fitness tech gadgets pair with apps on Android or Apple so you can inspect graphs and track your progress. Measure your goals. A successful life begins with fitness and awareness, and at The Gadget Shop we have the wearable fitness tech gadgets to help start your journey.