Recent Toys Brainstring 3 Pack

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  • Logic, Strategy, Focus


Brainstring Advanced How to Play :

  • 1. Move the strings by gripping the colored tips and moving them along the tracks.

  • 2. Set the puzzle by creating a knot in the middle.

  • 3. Solve by untangling the knot so that no strings are touching.


Brainstring R How to Play :

  • 1. Align the tracks and twist the two halves in opposite directions.

  • 2. Every spin will either tangle or untangle the strings inside.

  • 3. Solve by untangling the knot so that none of the strings touch.


Brainstring Houdini How to Play :

  • 1. To set the puzzle, move the strings along the tracks to tie a knot around Houdini. Now the puzzle is ready to solve.

  • 2. Sort the strings so the red strings are on top and bottom and the black strings are facing the sides.

  • 3. Finish solving by completely untangling Houdini.

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Product Description

The Brainstring 3 Pack contains 3 different level brainstring puzzles : The Brainstring Advanced, The R and Houdini for multiple levels of fun.

Brainstring Advanced

Brainstring Advanced is one of the best sellers around the world. Endless combinations and endless fun.

Brainstring R

The popular Brainstring has been turned inside out! Brainstring ‘R’ is just as knotty as the original, but features a movable ball with a 360° spin that will have you on the ropes.
twist, turn, stretch and slide the puzzle in all directions to unravel the tightly wound knot. once the strings are completely separated, the puzzle is solved – no strings attached.

Brainstring Houdini

The greatest escape artist of all time is tied up and needs your help to break free. Harry Houdini has been known to break free from jails, handcuffs, chains, ropes, and straitjackets. But he’ll need your brain power to wiggle out of the Brainstring knot..

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