SpotyPal Bluetooth Item Finder/Pet Alert (White)

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The amazing SpotyPal offers dual Function capabilities. The Bluetooth Tracker can serve as a Pet Finder, an Item finder or as a GPS locator and SOS Alert messenger. Get First Class Tech Peace of Mind from your loved pets to family member's well-being; to finding those lost car keys when you are in a hurry. 

The SpotyPal Bluetooth Item Finder is a unique open tracking system that gives you a range of capabilities within its 36mm X 36mm X 5,8mm frame. Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit into any pocket and water resistant, this 10g invention features SOS alert that enables you to send real-time SOS alerts with your GPS position. 

Now you can also find your items with ease! Just simply ring your device from the app to view its location on the map. If the connection is lost, you can still see the place and time it was last seen. Unlike other tracking tiles, the SpotyPal features a replaceable battery so you don’t have to keep buying new trackers, saving you time and money. The SpotyPal app notifies users about the battery level and shows a warning when it is low. 

Additionally, you can find your misplaced phone by ringing it even if it’s on silent from a range of up to 200m with a penetrating alarm. With its LED light, the SpotyPal is also easy to spot in the dark. SpotyPal has also included a feature called CrowdFinding which works by locating your stolen/lost item every time another SpotyPal user walks by. A notification of its whereabouts will then be sent to you. 

With its separation alert, you’ll get notified when you're about to leave your item or phone behind. The SpotyPal also doubles as an alarm in the event you need to wake up. Just simply activate the alarm in the SpotyPal app and presto! With its Not-to-forget lists, you can create item lists and check if you haven’t left any items on the list behind. This will prove to come in handy on any important business trip, holiday trip or function planning. Affordable and highly functional, the SpotyPal truly does give your belongings a friend indeed in the event they are a friend in need.

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Discovery Miles: 4,990
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Product Description


  • Free mobile (Android 4.2+, iOS 9+) and web applications
  • SOS-button: press the button to send SOS alert with your GPS position to predefined persons
  • Two-way finding feature: find lost item/find lost smartphone
  • Track location on map (place on map or place where the connection was lost)
  • Not-to-forget lists: create lists of items you don't want to leave behind (perfect for professional equipment and expensive devices); organize groups of people, that their proof of presence is needed. See who is missing! (perfect solution for schools and excursions)
  • Crowd-finding: SpotyPal community helps in finding lost items and pets
  • SpotyPal device alarm: activate the Alarm in the App and let the SpotyPal device wake you up
  • Unlimited devices for one account
  • Support of 3rd party devices
  • Based on Zastel, a smart IoT platform
  • Warranty: 1 year from the 1st activation
  • Size: 36mm X 36mm X 5,8mm
  • Weight: 10gr (including the battery)
  • Water resistant
  • LED light
  • Loud alarm: 98db+
  • Replaceable battery
  • Battery life: 12 months+
  • Battery type: CR2032
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0+
  • Range: Up to 200 ft
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